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Group Fitness Schedule

Revolution @ Pure North AC

   Each song has its own unique ability to harness your energy, lay a fresh landscape and encourage you to GO! We’re light & fast in the sprints and heavy & slower in the climbs, both of which train your fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Why are these fibers important? They combine to help you everyday, whether you're hustling after one of your kids or carrying something heavy up the stairs. REVOLUTION training makes you look and feel great, inside and out! Invite a buddy, hit the indoor road 

Class Descriptions



 Plateau shattering exercises and RIP-roaring tunes shape the landscape for a  work hard, play hard, then embrace life with confidence. RIP reshapes your body, your strength routine, and your thought process. Work head-to-toe using simple equipment — a weighted dumbbells, and a step, tackling various speeds, positions, and rhythms. Professional coaches lead the way through major and minor muscle groups, educating with the “why” behind the “how.” Start now. RIP: STRONG FOR LIFE! 

Step Interval


  There’s no time like the present to become your best YOU!  Say hello to Step Interval - using a step, dumbbells & body weight this total-body training program improves strength, balance, agility, speed, mental focus, cardio function, coordination, & more. We tackle the exercises and movement patterns that work with the use of motivating music that drives you to perform your best from the first beat to the last.  Step interval has your name all over it.  It’s time - GAME ON!

Kettlebell AMPD


Heart-pumping music and your favorite kettlebell moves combined into a class of calorie-torching excitement. This whole-body workout emphasizes group fitness and focuses on specific areas such as arms, legs, core, and cardio. Each song concentrates on a main area while still maintaining a whole-body routine.  



A mix of cardio and strength intervals for a total body strength training and heart pumping cardio workout. You will work multiple muscle groups at the same time heightening your calorie burn. The energizing and motivating music will PUMP YOU UP!  



Yoga is an ancient practice of flowing sequences, balance, mindfulness, & strength, as you challenge your ability to work while remaining calm. Helicopter Rotations, Sun Salutations,  Warrior poses, Core, Balance, Twists... all designed to open new possibilities while defining yourself. Discover new limits...TRANSFORM YOURSELF! 

Cardio Kick


 WAR brings ELBOW strikes, rope SLAMS, and rotational CHOPS to the Group Fitness room. Conquer sprawls, thrusters, sit outs, kicks, jabs, uppercuts, and all things you’ve come to know and love as MMA, with all the BENEFITS, but without any physical contact. Break the chains and say HELLO to your strongest, leanest, toughest body. There’s only one way to get there – through the WAR zone. We dare you… BECOME ARMED & DANGEROUS! 

Cycle Fusion


An Intense cardio class where indoor cycling meets strength training. Start with cycling to get your heart rate up and blood pumping, then move to the floor for upper body strength training plus core work.  It's everything you need in a workout!



Work the entire body in including the mind.  The focus is on the core of the body so the rest can freely move and this makes your body stronger both on the inside and out. The balance is meant to be present between flexibility and strength - This results in stronger and leaner muscles!



A cycling program that brings the outdoor ride - INSIDE!  Interval based cadence takes the class through sprints, hills, and mountains to achieve results and personal goals

Senior Focus

Senior Strength


Improves muscle tone, strength, and flexibility using hand weights, bands, balls, and other tools.  Because this fun-filled class is designed for seniors, many exercises are performed in a chair for support. The fun group environment of this class will keep you motivated. 

Gentle Yoga


Increase your flexibility, strength, and digestive health by practicing gentle stretches with a Tai Chi influence.  Poses may be modified by using a chair or performed on the floor.  



An exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party. ZUMBA blends red-hot international music & contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive. Wear low-tread shoes for this class.